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"Outstanding and Compelling! This is an important book told in authentic and entertaining fashion. This razor-sharp tale of American Prisoners of War in the Japanese Death Camps, their struggle, their pain, holding onto their honor while being savaged by guards should be mandatory reading for every American. John Wallace has remarkable talent and has produced an excellent book.!!"

Donald B. Hutton, 11/10/99

Author: Barron's Guide to Military Careers

"Thank you John (Mackowski) for telling the story and thank you John (Wallace) for writing and preserving the story for our children and their children. I finished reading the book last night and enjoyed the story but I must say that I am glad that I did not have to live it.............As I read the book and related John's progress to my own I can hardly imagine how he lived through all of that privation.........But I was fortunate to become a military prisoner in Stalag Luft III in Old Poland. When the Russian front overran the camp in January 1945 we marched ahead of the Russian front in temperatures far different than jungle heat. We were liberated by the 14th Armored Division on the 29th day of April, 1945 and I was able to reach home in July. As I read the book, I could appreciate how much time was involved in John's ordeal and that staggers my imagination. We saw a privation of a different type in France and Germany but nothing to compare to John's experience........ THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS -- from a grateful reader.

William A. Rendall, 12/11/99

former Prisoner of War

"A license plate on a car in the parking lot of Saint James (R.C.) Church in Chatham, NY led to the writing of this exciting, interesting, and at times, very moving book about a prisoner of war. The author, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the New York State Police, was attending mass one Sunday when he saw the plate "POW-83." He waited for the driver of the car to return and introduced himself. An elderly man, John Mackowski (now deceased), told the author that he had been a POW of the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II and that he and the other POW's had suffered terribly while in captivity. He had been beaten bloody but they never broke his spirit. At a time when men like Mackowski are dying at an accelerated rate, soon none of these heroes will remain to remind us of the sacrifices they made for us all. That is why John Wallace's finely written story of Mackowski's courage and indomitable will is so important."

Major Glenn MacDonald (USAR-RET) - 07/23/00

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