"We cannot fully enjoy our freedoms and liberties in America unless our government is limited. As our government grows and becomes more intrusive, it is our freedoms and liberties that become limited!" - John Wallace

"All Politicians should be required to wear uniforms like Racing Car Drivers with patches showing the donations received from special interest groups so we know who has paid them off." - John Wallace

We have gathered a list of articles and opinions of John Wallace that we feel are important for the people to know. We hope these articles will make you more aware of what is really going on and make you think about making changes. Here are the articles:

My Opinions on the Issues

by John W. Wallace

I believe that it is very important for people involved in politics, to one extent of another, to clearly state their positions on the important issues facing the country today so that their fellow Americans know exactly where they stand on the issues.

With this in mind, I have clearly stated my positions on the issues that I feel are very important. There will be a link to each issue (both in Word and PDF formats) so that you can read my position papers and/or download them. Although you may not always agree with my positions on the issues, you will know exactly where I stand.